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What Is Corporate Counselling?

Most commonly, Corporate counselling is therapy offered to employees of a company, often through an employee assistance program, providing employees with a safe place to discuss any issues that they are struggling with, either remotely or in person, for a set number of sessions.

I utilise my skillset and knowledge, from my previous corporate career, working directly with the corporate sector (with individuals, teams or departments), offering a first-hand understanding to my clients. I am well placed to understand the demands, stresses, long hours and often the burnout (leading to poor mental health) that some people experience as they strive for a number of things, such as balancing work and home life, acknowledgement, promotion or financial rewards.

I offer both short term and long term work with the individuals I work with, as some require coaching in a certain area of their work, whilst others benefit from longer term counselling. 

Corporate Counselling Services

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Executive Coaching

Helping Employers from small companies to large organisations enhance their understanding of their team and use that to improve company culture, productivity, and retention.

Group Workshops

Group workshops offer an opportunity to discuss and tackle common topics such as time management, personal development, and conflict resolution. My workshops also encourage and facilitate individuals within the group, to think about how to utilise each team member's strengths effectively, allowing for a more even input and a feeling of pride for each individual, especially in group projects. This also builds confidence in each person as well as producing a cohesive and better considered piece of work, by opening it up to contribution from different perspectives, skillsets and ideas. 

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Individual Therapy

Offering on-site as well as online individual therapy sessions to help employees deal with stress, improve productivity, manage conflicts, and increase overall well-being.

Benefits of Corporate Counselling

Workplace counselling services can play a vital role in supporting a healthy work environment.

In today’s fast-paced, stressful world, it is not unusual for an organization to have employees struggling with workplace-related stress or personal issues. These problems can affect an employee’s work performance through lowered productivity levels, and increased absenteeism.

Employees can work through challenges in their life that may be impacting their performance, and employers can enjoy productivity gains while knowing that they are helping to improve the health and well being of their employees.

How do Employees Benefit?

  • A safe space to talk about their problems.

  • Establishing or improving coping skills.

  • Developing effective solutions to problems.

  • Feeling valued and looked after, encouraging them to value themselves.

How do Employers Benefit?

  • Improved employee performance, leading to increased productivity.

  • Lower employee absenteeism.

  • Lower turnover rates amongst employees.

  • Establish a reputation as a company that cares about their staff.

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